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  • UV-Writer


    • Product description: UV-Writer,Maskless Lithography,

Direct laser lithography,UV-Writer

The UV-Writer is a high value direct laser lithography writer, oriented to universities and research facilities looking to expand their capabilities.
It writes on a photosensitive resist coated surface with a 405nm laser at submicron pixel resolution on big areas. You can write anything from photomasks to research prototypes for basic or applied science, the integrated camera can be used to align the writing with existing features.

We have optimized it for ease of use and simple maintenance, maximizing the use of off-the-shelf parts without sacrificing writing quality or capabilities.
Direct laser lithography
Direct laser lithography greatly reduces costs and execution times in areas such as microfluidics, microelectronics, micromechanics and material science research, by eliminating the dependence of external suppliers for the production of photomasks.

High resolution lithography

sub-micron resolution and produce 10um features.
Big writing area

make full size photomasks for production or in-house usage.

Change spot sizes easily

The last lens is an industry standard microscope objective. Replace it to change the spot size!  We include three microscope objectives.
Use the optics for inspection

Using the confocal yellow illumination and camera you can use the µLaser as a microscope
375nm Laser

Rotary stage for alignment