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Palas® Scanning Electric Mobility Particle Size Spectrometer Proven Accurate and Reliable

Palas® Scanning Electric Mobility Particle Size Spectrometer Proven Accurate and Reliable

Palas® SMPS Scanning electric mobility particle size spectrometer passed National Institute of Metrology, China and ECAC testing


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With the continuous development of the nano field, nanoparticles have attracted much more attention in scientific research projects such as optics, electricity, biology, and environment. The differential electrical mobility classification and analysis of aerosol particles is used in the measurement of nano-to-micron aerosol particles in the field of environmental monitoring. Based on its simple physical principles, it has become an important part in the field of aerosols, such as: aerosol instruments, aerosol-based material production, semiconductor industry pollution control, atmospheric aerosols, engineered nanoparticle characterization, etc. At the same time, electromobility fractionation of charged particles produces monodisperse particles of known particle size that can be used to calibrate other instruments.


Recently, Palas® SMPS Scanning electric mobility particle size spectrometer passed the inspection and certification of the National Institute of Metrology, China (NIM), and obtained the calibration certificate from NIM. Earlier, SMPS has passed the test of European Center for Aerosol Calibration and Characterization (ECAC) testing institute TROPOS. The results also show excellent parallelism data.




Accurate sizing and counting

The calibration of NIM refers to the calibration regulations of JJF 1864-2020 aerosol particle size spectrometer. Multiple calibration items are tested from particle size measurement indication error, particle technical efficiency and counting repeatability. Take the measurement of particle size measurement indication error as an example: The standard value of particle size is 72.1nm, the measured value is 74.989nm, and the indication error is 4.0%. In terms of particle counting efficiency: the standard value of number concentration is 1014 particle / cm3, the measured value is 1010 particle / cm3, and the counting efficiency is 99.6%. As shown in the figure below, the NIM calibration results report demonstrates two characteristics of the Palas® SMPS Scanning electric mobility particle size spectrometer: 1. Accurate sizing; 2. Accurate counting.



Excellent Parallelism

Earlier test results of SMPS at ECAC testing institute TROPOS also showed good parallelism data. As shown in the figure below, the linearity of the 10 sets of instruments submitted by Palas® were all <±5%. fully compliant and superior to CEN/TS 16976. Palas® is able to provide customers with standardized, stable and excellent service, which provides support for scientific research, quality control and other fields.



Instrument brand that conforms to the specification

Palas® products can meet JJF 1562-2016 “Condensation Nucleus Particle Counter Calibration Specification”, JJF 1800-2020 “Aerosol Photometer Calibration Specification”, ISO 15900:2009 “Differential Electromigration Method for Measurement of Aerosol Particle Size Distribution”, JF 1864-2020 “Calibration Specification for Aerosol Particle Size Spectrometer” and other relevant specifications to assist measurement and testing experts to complete the calibration of particle testing equipment. Palas® SMPS Scanning electric mobility particle size spectrometer has been used by metrology institutes for the calibration and testing of respiratory protection filter efficiency testers, etc., providing technical support for various detection and calibration tasks.


Palas® SMPS Scanning electric mobility particle size spectrometer

The Palas® SMPS, is an advanced nanoparticle measuring system that measures aerosol particle size distributions from 4nm to 1200nm. It provides not only accurate and reliable particle size analysis and counts, but also ensures high resolution in up to 256 size channels. The SMPS series offers a wide range of benefits for aerosol analysis at different concentrations and particle size distributions. For example, it can flexibly integrate with various pre-treatment devices (e.g., dilution device). Its easy-to-use touchscreen enables intuitive operation. With its open data file, it is convenient to access and analyze data for self-testing and calibration. In addition, the device is extremely flexible and compatible with mainstream counters.




        Particle size distributions from 4nm to 1,200nm

        Continuous and fast-scanning principle of measurement

        High resolution in up to 128 size classes/decade

        Suitable for concentrations of up to108 particles/cm3

        Universally connects to DMAs and nanoparticle counters from other manufacturers

        Graphic display of measurement values

        Intuitive operation using 7" touchscreen and GUI

        Integrated data logger

        Supports multiple interfaces and remote access



        Filter test

        Aerosol research

        Environmental and climatic studies

        Inhalation experiments

        Interior and workplace measurements


Palas® will arrange a series of online webinars both in English and Chinese for ambient air quality continuous automatic monitoring system, SMPS scanning mobility particle size spectrometer, Promo® aerosol spectrometer, Aerosol generator and Dilution system, ISO 16890 filter media test rig-MFP 3000 G, ISO 29463-3 HEPA/ULPA filter media test rig-MFP Nano plus 4000, ISO 17536 oil mist separator filtration performance test rig-HMT 1000, as well as many other aerosol measurement solutions. You are welcome to register for the conference and will be informed of the webinar information as soon as possible!

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