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Enhancing Traditional Environmental Air Monitoring Methods

Enhancing Traditional Environmental Air Monitoring Methods

Shanghai University used Palas® Fidas® Frog fine dust measurement to monitor air quality mobile and in real time

The expert in aerosol spectrometer Palas® is a trusted partner for many research institutions. Shanghai University is one of them. Researchers of the university used the Palas® Fidas® Frog fine dust measurement device to monitor the air quality at the 2021 World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit. The Palas® test rig provided reliable data that could be conveniently collected and measured at the summit. The portable Fidas® Frog fine dust measurement device is compact; users can flexibly place it in the car. On top of that, the device also monitors and displays particle concentration trends and particle size distribution data in real-time. Fidas® Frog delivers proven data for the various environmental monitoring tasks of the researchers.

A professional measurement program that meets the needs of the research team

The Shanghai University research team was impressed by the performance of the mobile Palas® Fidas® Frog. This device measures aerosol particle size and mass concentration highly accurately, thanks to the single particle counting spectrometer principle. All real-time measured data is displayed through continuous graphs on the Fidas® Frog user interface. The mass concentration limits of various PM components can be individually set, and limit alarms are sounded. For these reasons, the research team from Shanghai University decided to use the Palas® Fidas® Frog fine dust measurement for their tasks.

Mr. Huang of the research team emphasized the importance of continuous real-time data monitoring and display on-site. Especially the data trend of PM2.5 value was a great help to compare the data. Palas® Fidas® Frog also impressed the researchers with its multiple functions such as data storage, Wi-Fi support, location monitoring, etc., which can be used quickly and flexibly. The Fidas® Frog is a reliable device for environmental monitoring networks, emission measurement, long-term research, and the location of emission sources. Thanks to the technical design, the data shown by the device represent the status of atmospheric particulate pollution in real-time, meeting the research team's needs to monitor air quality.

A unique advantage: mobile monitoring

During the 4-day of action, the researchers used Fidas® Frog for mobile monitoring due to its compact and lightweight design. The research team mounted the instrument on a car, used the outer tube to detect the air while driving to monitor the air quality in the surrounding. Compared with similar devices, Fidas® Frog has a real-time monitoring function. So, when passing through a construction site, the researchers could instantly see the change of air quality measured and displayed by the Fidas® Frog. In addition, the team could quickly export monitoring reports, saving them data processing time.

Fidas® Frog can continuously and simultaneously measure multiple PM components and monitor the mass scores related to various environments. Powered by a battery or plug-in, the device operates for 8 hours before it needs to be charged again. In the future, Palas® will continue to explore more possibilities of portable measurement and provide users with accurate monitoring equipment for more application scenarios.

Palas® Fidas® Frog Fine Dust Measurement Device


  • Continuous and simultaneous real-time measurement of PM1, PM2,5, PM4, PM10, TSP, CN, particle size distribution T, RH, P

  • Additional particle number concentration and particle size distribution

  • Wide measuring range: 180 nm – 93 µm

  • Mass concentration up to 100 mg/m³, number of concentrations up to 20,000 particles/cm³ (single particle analysis mode)

  • Adjustable time resolution from 1s

  • Direct comparison of different measurements

  • Configuration of limit values possible

  • High quality of measuring data through implementation of the sensor / evaluation algorithm of EN certified Fidas® 200

  • Additional expanded range of applications by possible separation of the measuring device and the Tablet-PC for control (communication via WLAN)

  • Up to eight hours of measurement time in battery mode

  • Ergonomic design and low weight

  • Intuitive and simple operation

  • Integrated camera for documentation of the measurement

  • Export function for measured data

  • Possibility to generate a measurement report as pdf in Fidas® Frog

  • Remote monitoring and control via network integration easily possible


  • Fine dust monitoring at alternating locations or in movement

  • Air quality monitoring indoors, at the workplace, or inside vehicles

  • Use as an aerosol spectrometer in setups where space is limited

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