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Crosstech is proud to introduce the latest revolutionary addition toour product line, the PEALD system.
PEALD has the such advantages over other conventional deposition methods as excellent uniform thickness, low processing temperature, and precise film thickness control.
ICP plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition has many advantages, such
as the wide process window, high film density, low impurity contents, and broad choice of precursor chemistry and/or reactants compared to the conventional ALD and metal organic atomic layer deposition (MOALD)Methods. KVA-4000 series is designed and developed to unique hot wall, top flow, dual-chamber and also, KVAC-4000,KVA-ICP4000 series, KVA-CCP4000 series has the deposition of highest quality film withexcellent uniformity.




Process & Loadlock Chamber

Substrate size

Piece to 6 inches

Substrate Heating

Temperature range: up to 752°F (400°F)

Temperature Uniformity: ±41°F (±5°C)

Base Pressure &

Operation Pressure

Less than 1.0E-3 Torr: Rotary or Dry pump

Less than 1.0E-6 Torr: Turbo Molecular Pump (Option)

Process < 10 Torr: Rotary or Dry pump

Plasma Source

CCP Type: RF Power: 300W

Gas Nozzle

2 channel


Up to 2, Temperature: 250°C (Jacket)

Mass flow controller

Precusor: Ar(Bubbling) / Purge: Ar or N2

Reactant(Plasma): O2, NH3, H2, etc..

Auto Pressure Controller

Throttle valve & Baratron Sensor

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